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The Handicraft Revolution - Pulpypapaya Artisan Hubs

Handicrafts are not products, they are emotions of the craftsmen transpired onto different mediums. Every single block printed on a fabric, every single stitch of embroidery, every single weave, every single carving, every single hand knot and so many of such master strokes by the craftsmen are

The Problems of the industry

  • Unsuitable environment for the artisans
  • No personal development of the artisans
  • Under rated Facilities
  • Exploiting artisans under the name of social       welfare 
  • Artisans are working on poor wages



The Solutions for the industry

  • Hygienic environment
  • Skill development
  • Modern Facilities
  • De-addiction remedies
  • Family planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Langauge Lessons
  • Medical checkups
  • Lifestyle uplifiting

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