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Purpbaba Batik Cotton

Purpbaba Batik Cotton
Purpbaba Batik Cotton
Purpbaba Batik Cotton
Rs. 600.00
  • Super soft cotton fabric
  • Natural skin-safe colours used

Batik has its own beauty. The amazing resist dyeing technique gives superb results like in this fabric. This pure cotton fabric is very comfortable and easy on skin. Convert this lovely green fabric into custom palazzos, skirt, shirt, kurtis, stoles, jackets or anything of your choice for a gorgeous look


Color: Yellow

Material: Cotton       

Art/Craft: Batik Printing

  • Do not bleach: Do not bleach the product or else it will be greatly damaged.

Batik, Nitik - to dot to form motifs,is an Indonesian art of ornamenting a natural textile using a Resist Dye Technique. This process involves coating wax on a fabric, to form designs using tools like pen, brush or blocks and then dipping the fabric in natural dyes. The wax hardened part resists the dye whereas the uncoated part absorbs the color of the dye. Repetition of the above process makes unique and multi-coloured designs. The fabric is washed and wax is scraped out leaving a Batiked Masterpiece

You are buying a handcrafted product. Slight irregularities, design and color variations are the inherent part of every handcrafted product which is the actual beauty and uniqueness of the same

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