About Us

It all started with one of our co-founders buying a handmade journal in 2011 from Rajasthan, India while attending a marriage there. The journal impressed everyone back home and people demanded to have it themselves as well. That moment it struck him that if such exclusive handicrafts could reach people world-wide it would be awesome. So with a half cooked idea he contacted his school friend who showed interest. Being interested in the idea he quit his job and settled down in lndore. As the two were just thinking of starting up, the third partner being their common school friend showed interest and joined in. As we sat and contemplated the idea, it got more refined and finally we came up with our core idea. We launched Pulpypapaya in November, 2013. So the ideology at the core of Pulpypapaya is to curate exclusive handi-crafts from around the globe and also develop products that are inspired from region specific primitive arts and crafts.